The industrial sector, including emissions from electricity consumed by industries, is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for approximately 60% of China's emissions and 30% of U.S. emissions. As such, it is crucial for the industrial sector to adopt zero-emission technologies and processes, while maintaining high-quality jobs and developing the necessary technologies to decarbonize the entire economy. Effective measures to decarbonize the industrial sector are essential if China and the U.S. hope to meet their goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the 2050-2060 timeframe.


  • Jeffrey Rissman, Energy Innovation*
  • Hongyou Lu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory*
  • Al Armendariz, Climate Imperative*
  • Qi Zhang, Northeastern University (China)*

* Organizations are noted for affiliation purposes only. This paper represents authors’ views, and not necessarily those of their institutions.